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Thy Kingdom Come

Leading up to Pentecost

The Pause for Thought series of podcasts came to an end on Ascension Day 2020.

For the following days until Pentecost there will be a series of videocasts focussing on the power of prayer.

St John's Prayer Walk

To accompany the series, there is a Prayer Walk in St John's Churchyard. You can go in person or follow 9 stations of the walk each day online.

What does Pentecost Mean for us?

We are now just about there on day 8 of our journey and hopefully we have all been praying for our 5 friends. Tomorrow we celebrate Pentecost Ė the day when 2,000 years ago the disciples celebrated the beginning of Godís new world. So tomorrow at 10.00am we invite you to join us as we celebrate in our online service. Make a joyful noise and raise the roof of your house as we celebrate this new world, one that is healing, communities coming together, caring for people and most of all our church which has become a new church embracing new ways. Just as the disciples embraced the challenge in Jerusalem so we need to embrace this new world of church through technology bringing church to the community rather than the community to church.

Today in the video Archbishop Justin Welby and theologian Tom Wright describe the first Pentecost and what it means for us today.

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