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Throughout Holy Week, the Ministry Team have being working hard to prepare a series of podcasts, meditations and services.

5 Special Services for 5 Special Days

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Letter from Brenda

Sadly we are missing out on our Good Friday Messy Church - we had all kinds of exciting things lined up including our annual Easter egg hunt run by John and Ken. I guess we will just have to make it even better next year.

We normally also make our Easter garden for the church but this is something you can also do at home using any size dish. One of the links below will give you the instructions.

So here are some fantastic resources here that I have found for you to try - how to do Good Friday Messy Church at home, plus some other ideas including making an Easter Tree, an Easter Wordsearch, and for the younger ones, a lovely Youtube video of the Easter Story. There are also various Pdfs with other ideas and activities etc with the Easter Tree link. It would be lovely of you could share photos of what you have made on WhatsApp for everyone to see.

Hope you are finding the online services and Podcasts ok - if you need anything at all that we can help with please just ask - meanwhile, looking forward to sharing virtually with you in our Easter Services and have a happy, healthy, safe and blessed Easter!

Good Friday Fun Easter Colouring Picture
Easter Word Search
Messy Good Friday at home
How to make an Easter garden
Story of Easter told by children
How to make an Easter Tree plus other activities

Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday are the three Great Days leading up to Easter Day when the story of Jesus comes to its amazing climax.

On Thursday, Jesus and his friends celebrate the Jewish Festival of the Passover after which they go out to the olive groves of Gethsemane, where Jesus has often gone to pray. He knows that he is about to be betrayed and arrested and is terribly afraid of all that awaits. In the middle of the night, the Temple Guards come and take him. He is then interrogated by the High Priest, handed over to the Romans who beat him viciously before his ‘trial’ before Pilate the Roman Governor. Pilate is minded to release Jesus, but the Chief Priests and scribes stir up the crowd who scream for Jesus to be crucified.

On Friday, Jesus is forced to carry his cross through the streets of Jerusalem, before being nailed to the cross beam at noon. His friends abandon him, and only his mother Mary, his closest friend John, and some of the other women, remain to be with him until the end. At about 3pm, he dies, and darkness covers the land. His body is taken down from the cross and buried in a stone tomb.

On Saturday, everyone is in shock and it is quiet. Then while it is still dark, before dawn on the Sunday, Mary Magdalene goes to the tomb, to anoint the body, which had been buried in haste, with the traditional burial spices. When she gets there, the stone is rolled away and the tomb is empty…

The special services of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday help us enter into the twists and turns and drama of this story. This year, we perhaps know more than usual about the anxiety and confusion of the disciples, and the fear and isolation of Jesus. So listen along and join in as we journey together with Jesus through The Great Week.

All the services will be available online 3 hours before the planned time to give you time to prepare the order of service and download the podcast. Click the link above to the service, or the services link on the left, select the service you want, press pause on your player until the scheduled time.